The Nazca Lines

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Personal

The Nazca Lines are found in Peru. NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT THEY MEAN. Here is a map of where the pictures might be found.


1. Killer Whale
2. Wing
3. Baby Condor
4. Bird
5. Animal
6. Spiral
7. Lizard
8. Tree
9. Hands
10. Spiral
11. Spider
12. Flower
13. Dog
14. Astronaut
15. Triangle
16. Whale
17. Trapazoids
18. Star
19. Pelican
20. Bird
21. Trapazoid
22. Hummingbird
23. Trapezoid
24. Monkey
25. Llama
26. Trapezoids

SPOILER ALERT!!!- In Japan, In the t.v. show “Yu-gi-oh 5Ds,” the Nazca Lines are used as evil spirits bent on destroying the world. They are used by people called Dark Signers. The five Nazca Lines used are the Spider, Monkey, Hummingbird, Lizard, and Astronaut.

Remember, they are ahead of us in Japan. So if you haven’t seen them in the show, they haven’t been premiered yet.


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