The Boy of Darkness

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Personal

This is a story I wrote in 7th grade. I hope you like it. I might put the sequel up once I re-type it.

A long time ago, when there were other worlds that no one knew about, there was a boy who lived on a place called Memory Islands. His name was Roku. He lived all by himself on the islands for years. One night, he saw a shooting star in the sky. He wished to be able to leave the islands and visits other worlds. What Roku didn’t know that he was going to get his wish! Later that night, he saw a door that came out of nowhere. When Roku touched the door, the islands began to break apart. A spirit came out of the door and said, “To save yourself, step through the door, but beware of the choice you will make.” Roku had no time left. He opened the door and jumped through. After he went through, shadows crept all around him, and filled him with the power of darkness. Once he got out, he belonged to the darkness.
For the next few years, Roku’s skills matured and so did the darkness in his heart. Then one day, his long-lost brother found him. His brother was a warrior of light. Roku and his brother had one of the most extraordinary sword fights you would have ever seen. The dark spirit from Roku’s past appeared and he ordered Roku to kill his brother, but Roku couldn’t. The darkness in his heart urged him, but the good memories of him and his brother shined through. Roku broke free from the darkness’ control, and he and his brother joined forces and destroyed the dark spirit. Roku and his brother were reunited and the darkness in Roku’s heart disappeared forever. The evil darkness was gone.

The moral of this story is that even in the blackest darkness, there is always a little light. That means that no matter how bad things might get, there’s always a way to fix it.


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